CBD/THC Infused Lotions: Will They Get You High?

You're probably wondering if lotions containing CBD/THC (byproducts of cannabis aka marijuana plants) are worth the hype, and how they work. I know when I first started to use topicals, I was skeptical as to the efficiency of something that goes on your skin, and also worried that some of the effects of THC might seep into my system and create an unwanted high.

That's not how these things work. And let me tell you, they do work.

Let me start by saying that any massage therapist who would work on you under the influence of ANY substance should be questioned. That being said, if a topical got you high, it wouldn't be something you could use in a massage. They don't work that way. They do have properties that help to reduce inflammation and swelling, reduce pain, and a wide array of other properties for endless medical conditions.

When I first heard about these products, I was very nervous to try them myself. I am frequently drug tested, and the consequences of failing a drug test could be devastating for my career. I was assured that there would be no positive results on any drug test, and so I took the risk. I was blown away at how little my arms hurt, even after working double shifts, sometimes days in a row.

I literally was working 5-6 12 hour days per week, and on days when I used topicals on clients, I didn't experience any pain whatsoever. In fact, I looked forward to the tingling sensation my arms felt when I applied the lotion.

Not only that, but there are also options that don't contain any THC, the psychotropic ingredient found in cannabis.

And how does it smell? Not at all like marijuana. In fact, nobody will even know you've used the product. It's a great escape that will make it so you're still functional throughout the day.

Here is a fantastic video about how topicals work.

Cannabis 101: How Topicals Work In this episode of Leafly's Cannabis 101 series we explain the benefits of cannabis topicals, how they are made, and the way our bodies process cannabinoids through transdermal absorption. There is a large variety of cannabis topicals available today with an array of uses; from massage oils and relieving balms to beauty products designed to improve skin conditions.


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